E400 Fitness Tracker ECG Pressure Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Waterproof reloj inteligente Sport IP68 Smart Bracelet Smart watch

Black silicone
Black leather
Brown leather
Red silicone
Blue silicone


Product Model
Function points
Intelligent ECG blood glucose health watch, 1.39-inch 360*360 HD touch screen, ECG, chest patch real-time ECG analysis, ECG
monitoring, non-invasive blood glucose, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, multi-exercise
mode, custom dial, online multi-dial, exercise recording.Sleep monitoring, call and message reminder, ultra low power consumption
and long endurance.Metal alloy case, silent alarm clock, remote photo, music control, sitting reminder, drink water reminder,
weather display, countdown, shake to take photos, mobile phone search.
APP name: H Band
low-power design GR5515
PPG sensor chip
Audio chips
Blood oxygen chip
GH3220 RF analog front-end+ SFH2201
Rohm KXTJ3-1057
Battery Capacity
Screen size
1.39-inch 360*360 HD touch screen
heart rate/blood pressure
Green light PPG
waterproof ip68


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