LY Smart Digital Telescope with Portable Tripod Telescopio for Hunting Traveling Black

User Manual of Smart Digital Telescope with Portable Tripod Telescopio for Hunting Traveling Black


Product Description


This is one of the latest Smart Telescopic Monitor System, and it can be widely applied to many fields. Inherited with Traditional monitor camera’s functions, besides, it has many other advantages. It can monitor through further distance and easier installation and debugging without circuitry, power, control and storage hosts. All you need is just a set of computer, anybody can perform this interesting task with great sense of accomplishment.


     Cooperated with digital telescope software, you can capture a moving object, videotape it, sound the alarm and perform an online live show. It adopts highly compressed video files that only occupies very small space, so you do not have to worry about your limited hard disk space.


Main Parameters

Camera:   2 Megapixel

Pixel: 2 Megapixel

Len: 70 times zooming

Angle of view: 2”

Light filter: Daily One

Connector: USB 2.0 or upper version.

Machine size: 150*40 MM

USB wire length: 1.5 M

Tripod Size: 150 – 250MM Height.

Compatible System:  WindowsXp 2000, VIST , Win7 ,Win8, Win10,

Software Language supported: English, French, Chinese, ,Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese.

 Software functions: movement detection, spot monitor, photographing, videotaping, live webcasting.



       Watch sport matches and open-air concerts, Household anti-theft and factory monitor, Police lawsuit detection, Animal observation, Astronomical observation, detection of defective products of industrial production,etc.


Here are the real compare between the pictures captured by digital camera and digital telescope.



Application cases:


Connect 4 devices at the same time


Software functions: Video Adjustments, language setting, photographing, Video playback.



Motion Detection Software Function Displays: First,Click the “Motion Detection” to enter to adjust the Monitoring Scope.


Adjustable Monitoring scope (Red Area):

In the picture bellow, It will trigger photographing, videotaping and sound an alarm when people enter or come out of the doors.


You can control the monitoring scope with the mouse.

In the picture below, It means the left door guest is not under monitor, and only when people enter or come out of the right door, it will trigger motion detection.


The software can display the monitoring scope in full screen.









Measurement Accuracy
Measurement Range