Phone Camera Lens 12X Zoom Optical Camera Telephoto Telescope Lens With Tripod

Product Description

1.12X Telephoto Lens Super quality design-Made of professional grade optical glass and top-grade Aluminum.
2. Extendable tripod- helps minimize blurriness from a shaky hand, stabilization is also handy when you're shooting video
3. Portable and detachable - Great for watching the game, concerts, tourism, observe animal lovers, news reporter long-distance shooting
4. Note--This product can not change the camera pixels, magnification of 12 times HD, the effect of taking pictures depends on the pixels of the phone itself.
5. Universal compatibility 99% smartphones.

Detachable design:

1, Easy to be screwed on to and removed off from the case

2, Flexible handle can be pulled out for easy adjustment

3, Besides, the considerate cleaning cloth lets you clean the phone lens at any time

4, Compact size, easy to install and operate, and convenient to carry

This product glass all uses (green film optical glass) The image is truer, the clarity is higher. A lot of low-quality lenses on the market image distortion, deformation serious. This product will control the distortion rate to the limit, at a particular distance will not be deformed.

Detailed Images

User manual:
1.put the universal clip on the mobile phone as a picture
2.adjust the screw in the middle of the clip, make the circle hole correctly on the middle of the phone camera lens.twisting the screw.
3.put on the camera lens on the phone lens.
This product is applicable to the majority of mobile phones in the market, as long as can be clamped alignment can be applied.

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