Professional StarSense Explorer DX130AZ Newtonian Reflector Astronomical Telescope 130mm f/5 Astronomical XLT Coating

Product Parameters

Model Name

22461    SSE DX130AZ

Optical Design: Newton reflecting
Caliber: 130mm
Focal length: 650mm
Focal ratio: f/5
Optical Coating: aluminum film
Focuser: 2-inch toothed focuser
Eyepiece: 1.25 inches
Finderscope: red dot
Other attachments:
StarSense phone holder
StarSense Explorer app download card
Concentrating power: 345 times (relative to human eyes)
Maximum effective rate: 240 times
Minimum Effective rate: 19 times
Limit star, etc.: 13.1, etc.
Bracket: theodolite ceremony, with dual-axis worm and worm fine adjustment
Tripod: aluminum alloy

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