2 Players Mini Arcade Classic Game Console 4k Video Game Stick With 2.4g Wireless Controller Retro Games For snes/sega/mame/ps1

Product Description
Product Name
Retro Game Console 2.4G Wireless Console Game Stick HD Video Game Console 4K HD TV Output Dual Player Gift for Adults and Kids
Built in Games
Colors box

Wider Selection More Fun !

* Easy to Use---Just plug the game console in the HD interface of the TV and connect the console with DC5V 1A power source via a USB cable, the games list will be displayed on TV screen automatically. 

* Remote Control---Plug the mini 2.4g data transmitter in the USB port on the rear of the mini games console stick and press home button on wireless gamepads to start pairing. Users can remote control the games console, select games and playing games by using the controllers as soon as pairing is successful.

* Up to 10meters of wireless control distance can keep safe space between kids and the TV, less worry of harm to eyes.

* Suitable for Most HD Equipment---Our HD video game console support most TVs with HD interface, 12months of warranty promise you a worry free purchase.

* Up to 10000games running on 40 high performance emulators such as  MAME/GB/GBC/MD/SFC/PS1/N64/ATARI2600.