Beast3 SG906 MAX dron profesional drone with camera hd 3-axis Gimbal Obstacle Avoidance Function Brushless Motor WiFi FPV drone

Product Description
1. Return to the departure point with one key of GPS, low power return, no signal return.
2. GPS intelligent tracking: after the aircraft is connected to the GPS, open the APP tracking function and the aircraft will
follow the mobile phone.
(2) Image following: Recognize the object of the object and follow it automatically at a distance of 1-5m.
3. Gesture shooting recognition: make the gesture of taking pictures/shooting in front of the camera within 1-5m from the
4. Route multi-point planning flight: The aircraft will fly autonomously according to the pre-set route, and the players will
focus on shooting.
5. Fixed-point surround: find the center point and then move the desired surround radius through the joystick.
6. Aircraft recovery function: click the GPS signal icon three times in a row, open the map interface, and the map shows the last
distance, latitude and longitude of the aircraft.
7. MV functions: filter, video effects, add background music, picture/video sharing
8. Forward obstacle avoidance function: The obstacle avoidance device conducts a 120° fan-shaped scan through the laser to detect
whether there is an obstacle in front. If the obstacle is detected within 20 meters, the remote control will send out an alarm and
the UAV will hover automatically, unable to move forward

Video Capture Resolution