P20 Visual Ear Cleaner Camera 1080P 4.3inch screen Visual Otoscope 3.9mm 6LED lights EarPick EarSpoon camera earwax remover tool

Product Description
  • P20 HD1080P Ear Cleaner Screen Otoscope Endoscope Camera 3.9MM 4.3 inch HD Screen Camera Otoscopio digital Ear Monitor Earpick

* Soft and gently digs the ear, and easily removes earwax.
* Headphones with 4.3" HD display require no bluetooth or WiFi connection, no need to use your phone to download software.
* 1080P HD vision: The endoscopic ear-pic camera can take photos and videos on the color IPS screen. Support snapshot and
recording function, photos and videos can be saved in TF memory card (not included).
* 6 Adjustable LED Lights: It has 6 adjustable LED lights, in dark or low light conditions, slide the scroll wheel to adjust the
brightness of the LED lights accordingly to improve image brightness and clarity.
* Wide Range of Use: If you are using it for the first time, please get used to the touch of the ear cleaning kit in the ear
canal and move slowly and gently. The earwax removal kit is suitable for adults, children, pets and can also be used to check
the mouth, nose, throat, scalp roots and other body parts.

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