P40 Industrial Endoscope Camera 4.3'' Screen Professional 1080p 5m Inspection Camera with 8 LED Endoscope camera

Product Description
Handheld industrial car endoscope 1080 4.3inch lcd screen portable tinyview 5m 8led wireless endoscope wifi borescope display
HD 1080P camera
Camera resolution 1920*1080p,8mm(5.5mm) lens for option.Smallest lens,more clearly
Suitable for handheld,portable borescope camera
Silicon and high quality material wire,suitable for holding and enough hard wire to hang up the borescope,easy to inspect the high
things such as hanging air conditionor
4.3 inch screen display
The video synchronized on the screen,more convenient more clearly.
Long focal distance
4cm~500cm focal distance,meet different working enviroment to get the clear video or photo
Wireless connection
Can be quickly connected to various types of smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC which with Wifi function
Android and IOS systems compatiable
This wireless endoscope camera can be adapted to both Android and IOS systems.
Waterproof lens
can be used for underwater camera
Different cable length for option
2M,5M,10M hard wirecable for option,snake tube 1M,3M,5M for option,suitable for various uages.2M cable more cheaper,10M cable meet
various requirement
70 degree 8pcs adjustable LED
70 degree and 8pcs adjustable LED support more widely view,clear vision in dark environment
Wide usage
Great for motor vehicle detector, sewer pipeline detector, search and rescue, criminal and custom detector, archaeological detect,
the PCB detection
Compact design
Easy to operate and convenient to carry around
Cable length
(2M//5M/10M hard wire for options,1M/3M/5M snake tube for option;rate different,contact us)
Lens diameter
8mm 1080p resolution (5.5mm for option:show
 1080p,real 720p,contact us to get details)
Light source
8PCS adjustable LED
Power supply
2600 mAh Lithium battery
Focal distance
Woking time
5~7 hours
Working temperature
4.3 inch IPS color LCD screen
Veiw  Degree 
11 language available