DSLR Table Scaled Mini Slider Camera Dolly

Product Description
☆ Dynamic Rolling Sliding Dolly Car: Helps you create more dynamic shots on flat surfaces like table, ground, etc; The precise scale on the disc helps you slide your camera in the right direction, with lock screw 
☆ Adjustable Aluminum Rods: Set them for a straight path, curves or complete circles. Balanced and tested to ensure a steady, safe ride for your camera equipment; Allows you to track in a straight line or track around an object 
☆ 1/4-inch Screw Threads and 4 1/4-inch Screw Holes: Fit for 1/4-inch tripod mounts; Allow you to mount your camera directly onto the dolly, or use an articulate arm or ball head for shooting at any angle you want 
☆ Rotatable Rubber Wheels and Fluid Roller Bearings: Unique rotating movements enable you to shoot quietly and smoothly and adjust shooting directions 
☆ Skate Design: Equipped with fluid roller bearings: Allows you to track the action, follow your subject, keep up with dynamic scenarios, while maintaining shots that are steady, smooth and dramatic
Compatible With
All DSLRs Video Camcorders
aluminum alloy and rubber wheels
Plate length
Wheel diameter
Max Load
10KG / 22 pounds
Product Weight
632g / 1.37 pounds
Packaging Includes
1 x Scaled Camera Table Dolly (Black or Blue)
Detailed Images
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