Feyree Portable Car Wall Mount Electric Vehicle Charger Wall Box Type 1 Electric Vehicle AC Wall Box Charging Station

Technical SPECS
Cable specifications
Insulation Resistance
Rated voltage
Terminal Temperature Rise
< 50K
Rated current
Mechanical life
no-load plug in/pull out>10000times
Rated power
Impact of external force
can afford 1m drop and 2T vehicle run over pressure
Control box function
Leakage protection
Lightning protection
Overvoltage or undervoltage protection
Change the current
Overload protection
Overheat protection
Ground protection
Charging time to make an appointment
RFID card function (Can be set according to user needs)
OLED display
Power indicator
Charging indicator
Connection status
Fault alarm
Product Description
CAUTION: 1. Don't submerge the EV charging cable in water. 2. Don't step on, fold, or knot the cable. 3. Don't drop the EV charging box place a heavy object on it. 4. Don't place the charging cable near a high-temperature object when charging. 5. Don't operate the EVSE in temperatures beyond its operating range of-25°C to 55°C. 6. Power-supply side input cable should be at least 3*2.5 mm recommended 3*4 mm), with a standard 16A socket. It is suggested that the power distribution is done by the professionals. 7. Don't put your fingers into the charging connector when the power plug is still connected to the power. 8. Don't use this EV charging box when the cable is damaged. 9. The EV charging box is only for EV charging. 10. Don't use this device with another brand's extension cord or adaptor.