Professional AstroMaster 130 EQ Newtonian Reflector Astronomical 1000X Powerful Telescope with CG-3 Equatorial Tripod

Product Parameters


Optical System Newton reflecting
Caliber 130mm
Focal length 650mm
Focal ratio F5
Eyepiece 1 10mm(65 times)
Eyepiece 2 20mm(32.5 times)
Finderscope Red Dot finderscope
Optical Coating aluminum coating
Base CG-3 equatorial mount
Tripod 1.25 inch adjustable steel tripod
Star 13.1
Field of View 1.5 degrees
Light Collection force 345X
Primary mirror connection dovetail plate locking fixed connection
Primary mirror diameter 600mm
Overall weight 12.7kg
Effective magnification 40X to 325X