Bicycle Sports Camera Mountain Bike Motorcycle Helmet Action Mini Camera DV F9 Camcorder Full 1080p HD Car Video Recorder DVR


Please note: This camera is a direct recording without WiFi must be inserted TF card to use.

1.This camera does not have built-in memory. If you want to better save the camera content or record information. Please use the original memory card of 16G-128G. 


2.Please charging 2-3 hours before using, due to the long time shipment.


3.If the micro TF Card is brand new,please format it before using.

Product Description:

Lens: 5 million pixels, 120 degree A+ level high resolution ultra wide angle lens
Video format: AVI
Camera mode: 1080P (30FPS) mode, resolution 2592*1944
Photo format: JPG
Photographing time: 6 hours
Video resolution: 1280x720P (60) FPS or Full HD 1920*1080P (30FPS) Switchable external storage: TF card (maximum support 128GB)
USB interface: 2.0
Power interface: 5V
Built-in battery capacity: 650 mAh
Waterproof: Aluminum alloy water-proof design, more suitable for outdoor extreme adventure (But unable to support deep water waterproof)
Microphone: built-in
Motor: Built-in vibration motor, vibration prompts working status
Low illumination: Built-in 1/4-inch light sensor to capture ultra-clear pictures in dark places
Computer operating system: Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ Windows 7, MAC OS x10.3.6 or above
Cyclic coverage support scope of application: driving recorder, mountain biking, water limit, flight limit, ice and snow limit, rock climbing, travel and other outdoor sports

Automatic loop recording.
Built-in 650 mAh battery, can record for 2 hours.
The ultra-mini is lightweight, easy to carry, and can be used as a mini sports DV.
Waterproof aluminum alloy shell, suitable for various outdoor extreme adventures.(But unable to support deep water waterproof)

Built-in 1/4-inch low-noise high-quality photosensitive element can capture ultra-clear images in darker conditions. The built-in motor can remind the working state through vibration.
Support high-capacity Micro-SD/TF card up to 32GB, excluding TF card. Equipped with multiple mounts, you can mount it on a bicycle, car, helmet, arm... or any other flat surface!
One. How to take pictures:
In 1080P (30fps) mode, switch the wave switch to the camera mode, press the camera/video button, the sports DV will light up red, and the photo will be completed after the red light goes out, you can connect to a PC or use a card reader to read Archive of photos taken.
Note: The camera function is only available in 1080P (30fps) mode.
two. How to photograph:
After booting, set the mode to video mode. Press the camera/video button, the red light of this unit will light up and start recording (requires the insertion of a TF card), then press the camera/video button, and the red light will go out to stop recording after saving. In the video mode, you can toggle the resolution switch to choose between 1080p (30fps) and 720p (60fps). You can choose the corresponding format to record video clips according to your needs.
three. time setting
Time setting (Set): Connect the machine to the PC after inserting the card, there is a text file SportDV.txt in the extractable disk, open this file, change the following information: 1. UPDATE: N to UPDATE: Y; 2 . Save the file after changing the corresponding year, month, day, minute, hour and second, for example, changing year:2012 month:9 date:24 hour:10 minute:10 second:0, the local time will be set to 10:00 on September 24, 2012 10 minutes and 0 seconds. Turn off and on, the machine will automatically update the set time. At this time, you can record or take pictures, and see the corresponding time information in the file.

Product Include:
1x Camera
1x Sports band
1x Bike stand
1x Base
1x Sleeve
1x USB power cord
1x Chinese and English manual

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