InfiRay PX1 Unlocked 5G Android 11 Triple Sim Industrial Mobile Smartphone with Thermal Imaging Camera


1. Q: Does PX1 support 5G and NFC? A: YES. It's 5G rugged phone with night vision and thermal vision camera.
2.Q: Why it can see thermal image so clear? A: It uses our advanced 12μm thermal detector, IR resolution 256x192, unique Matrix III imaging processing.

3.Q:What is the system? A:Android 11.
4.Q: What are the applications? What is it used for? A: It can be used for wild survival, Night Running&Hiking, short video& Live Stream, Animal observation and outdoor entertainment.
5.Q: Do you have the product in stock? And what is the lead time? A: Yes. We have large amounts in stock and ready to ship. After we receive your payment, we will deliver your product to DHL/UPS in 3-5 days for shipment. We usually adopt air freight for transportation.
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