Languages Scan AI Scanner Translator voice smart electronic pocket translation Smart Translator for Language Learners

Languages Scan AI Scanner Translator voice smart electronic pocket translation Smart Translator  for Language Learners

Product Description

More Function and details:

1. 112 Languages. Read and listen, interact with a human-like digital voice in multiple different languages.
2. Smart Dictionary. Electronic dictionary built-in with the definition of the words, phonetic pronunciation, illustrative sentence.
3. Phonetic Translation. After WiFi connection, Phonetic Translation allows Speech to translate in real-time into 112 Languages with 99% accuracy. You speak into the device and it will provide a translation.
4. Scan and Translation. Offline translation-Chinese and English translation. Online translation-112 languages scan translation. Scan text and translate it into multilanguage with 99% accuracy.
5. Recording & Text Excerpt. Text excerpt It allows you to scan the text, or full article and saved it into the computer through the USB port. The newly designed Intelligent recording feature functions as a digital recorder, and the memory size is well enough.


Xuezhiyou scan translation pen specification and function description
Type Project Describe
basic configuration product name 3.46 inch Big screen scan translation pen
product model 3.46 inch
CPU RK3326 quad-core ARM architecture
frequency 1.5GHz
WiFi Support 802.11b/g/n
BT Version 4.0
system Android system
display screen 3.46 inches TFT (resolution 340X800DPI)
touchable screen oncell touchable screen
camera 300,000 pixels
loudspeaker 6Ω1w
type of battery 1200mAh rechargeable polymer battery
charging time 2 hours
usage time 3 hours
power input 5V/1A
headset Type-C
USB Type-C
system language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Japanese
  colour Optional
button Power button, volume +-button, voice translation button
shell material Plastic and metal
function E-dictionary Support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese
Text translation Support 55 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch......this function is to be helpful to learn or strengthen foreign language skills and help the learner to speak, understand the word/sentences.
Phonetic translation Support 112 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch......
Text scanning Scan and read directly
Bookmark Instant collection when searching words.One-click collection of words,review and consolidate anytime,anywhere.
Text excerpt Scan paper text into the pen, and copy to the computer via USB
Music Appreciation Support MP3 playback, you can train listening
Intelligent recording The recording format is WAV
Oral training Hold down the voice button, speak Chinese, compare with the original sound, and have a corresponding evaluation.It also helps to develop the good habit of learning and asking questions.
packaging scan Translation pen 1 piece
Type-C USB data cable 1 piece
headset 1 piece
Manual 1 unit
Packing box 1 piece




Using the latest technology:

1. Adopt the latest OCR text recognition technology;

2. Self-developed graphics recognition algorithm technology;

3. Adopting China's latest TTS speech recognition technology.

Using the latest 4-core ARM Cortex-A9 2GHz chip, with powerful TTS and audio translation technology, to ensure accurate translation, accurate pronunciation, fast scanning ability, and the speed only needs 0.5s

t03 .png



Scan and Translate at any surface:

  • Printed Paper, books, menu, label sign and any other textures




3-in-1 full-featured and Low-price Translation Device:


Scantalker Translation Reading Pen can translate, record, MP3 play. In addition, it has functions such as text translation, recording, real-time translation,scan and dictionary, and Phonetic translation. But the price is only $99, which is even lower if you buy in bulk.





Compare with other Translator:

Scantalker Reader Pen is the most advanced intelligent translation pen at present. With the latest translation technology and the most comprehensive language resources, the translation accuracy rate is as high as 99%.




For Education—Study Smarter not harder

  • Scan and Translate in 112 languages

The Scantalker features a complete, built-in library of 112 languages. Seamlessly connect to Wi-Fi for online translation. 

For teachers and researchers: mainly used for reading foreign language classics,translating and writing papers. And for students maybe used for foreign language professional study, essay translation, and essay writing.




For Business—Save your time & Maximizes efficiency

  • Translate your documents and Transfer to your device

Personnel engaged in the international business industry, mainly used for reading foreign language documents, translation needs of working documents, and improving work efficiency, At the same time, text translation can be transferred to your device via a type-c cable


  • Phonetic Translation and Record your meeting content

Capture your sessions with smart recording and save them on the supported storage Scantalker translation pen.


Detail-14.png Detail-15.png Detail-16.jpg


For All People—Helps People with reading difficulties

  • Mp3 Player to learn at any time

Whether you're listening to translations on the go, or you would just like a little privacy, the device offers both Ble 4.0 connectivity or type-c wired earphone connectivity so you can learn your language or play MP3 music in absolute privacy. You can copy learning materials to the device, and learn and practice speaking and listening with you.



  • Large battery capacity

The Scantalker Translation device has a built-in 1200mAh lithium battery that gives up to over 8 hours of uninterrupted usage.



  • Pocket, small and portable

Scantalker reading pen is very small and portable, you can just use it anytime, anywhere and everywhere.







We are a professional ISO 9001 factory with R&D groups for educational products with 20 years. We can make all you want.



The services you can enjoy:
1. OEM of the learning device.
1). Dictionary chosen: built in different dictionaries for your market.
2). Dictionary resources: You provide the dictionary resource, we built into the device, or you add
yourself under our technique supports.
3). Functional modules and UI design
4). Color change for the machine
2. ODM: make totally new design and mould bsed on the technology, we do all the design, hardware,firmware and software.
3. SKD: You developall the firmware, software, we proivde the technique supports.