5 Levels Sensitivity Mini Camera Pen Audio GSM Wiretapping Scanner Bug Wireless RF Signal Finder Anti Spy Camera Detector



Detect whether your car or office is installed with wireless eavesdropping device or wireless eavesdropping device.

Detect whether the phone is eavesdropped or abnormal (transmits signals for no reason when in standby).

Detect whether your car is installed with GPS positioning tracker.

Detect mobile phone message sending and receiving signals, mobile phone Internet access signal, mobile phone switch and call signal.

Detect the field strength of wireless network signals, mobile phone base station signals, and wireless monitoring systems.

Detect whether household appliances such as microwave ovens leak electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to human body.

Detect whether there are suspicious radio signals in the environment.

Detect more subtle signals of 5.8GHz wireless camera and wireless monitor.

Check anti-wireless cameras in hotels, toilets, hotels, entertainment venues, dressing rooms.


Product Description


Product material PC
Charging interface Type-C
Working Hours 25 consecutive hours
Antenna gain -56db
Charging power source DC5V/A
Product battery 3.7V/300mAh polymer lithium battery
Sensitivity Level 5 is adjustable
Receiving frequency range 1MHz-6.5GHz
Signal detection range 5 cm to 10 meters
Optical lens Special filters
Laser detection range 10cm - 15m




Model Number