8 bit double vs. retro game console handheld

Product Description

Mini retro fc game console

1. 3.0 inch TFT display, 128M memory

2. Support two people doubles

3. Support 8-bit games, built-in 168 games

4. Support TV output

5. Built-in 600mAh battery, battery life 6 hours

6. Accessories: handle, AV cable, color box, battery, manu


8-bit handheld retro gaming console

8bit handheld video game console

retro mini game console

With years of export experience along 

With years of export experience along 

Question 1. What payment methods are supported?
You can choose credit card, TT, paypal, Western Union

Question2. How long does it take to purchase mini arcade games machines?
We will ship 2-3 days after receiving the payment.

Question 3. How to solve the problem of quality?
Our products will be rigorously tested before leaving the factory to ensure the integrity of the products.
Also check if there are any bad products at the time of shipment.


Retro white
Retro black