China astronomical telescope manufacturers product the high quality astronomical telescope for long-range scope and sky watching

Product Description

All optical parts have an anti-refraction coating for a clear and sharp image.
Detailed, stable and simple intending of objects
A high-quality aluminum tripod ensures stability of the structure.
Quick and easy change of position.
All models are for terrestrial observation and astronomical observation.
Detailed instructions contain recommendations and useful advice to facilitate and make observations easier.
The telescope has been designed to provide fun and wholesome observations for many years.

Technical parameters

- lens: 60 mm
- Focal length: 900 mm -
Dating: 5x24
- 1.5x terrestrial lens
Maximum magnification: 675x - Lenses SR4 mm, H12,5 mm, H20 mm
Barlow lens 3x
Magnification ratio: with a 1.5x retractable lens
Lunar filter
Aluminum tripod with regulation - tripod
Metal body / tube, metal tube holder -
Mineral lenses / glasses
- Moon filter
Rotary sky map
Sky poster

Detailed Images
Measurement Accuracy
Measurement Range