China wholesale High quality Professional Refractive 675X Waterproof Astronomical Telescope, Outdoor starry sky watching

Product Description

Factory configuration:
* Eyepiece: H20mm, H12.5mm, SR4mm
* 1.5x As Mirror
* 3x Barlow lens increasing times
* 5X24 finder
* 1.35 m aluminum tripod
* Tripod tray, support documents
* Installation of the telescope fastener / Gadgets

Key Indicators:
* Refractive / focal length: 900mm, aperture: 60mm
* Can be set 45 X, 72X, 225X;doubly 1.5x lens can be set just as 65 X, 108 X, 338X;  can    be doubly 3x multiplier group 135X, 216 X, 675 X.
* Throughout the visual magnitude: 11.40 .
* Theoretical Resolution: 1.842 arc second, which is equivalent to 1,000 meters you can see the two objects apart 0.893 cm.
* Light Force: 0.109
* Portable packaging carton size: 84*16*23cm
* Main tube color: Black.

Detailed Images