DSDZ-18XWYJ Cell Phone Lenses Universal 18X Optical Zoom Lens Manual Monocular Telescope for Phone

DSDZ-18XWYJCell Phone Lens Universal 18X Optical Zoom Lens Manual Telescope Lens with Clamp
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Products Description
The 18X mobile phone telephoto lens great for watching the game,concerts,tourism,observe animal lovers.
The focusing ringon the phone lens makes you to adjust the focus by hand freely. By manual focusing, you can change the focuses of the image to make better effect.
How to use it?
⑴Adjust the clip slowly,make sure the lens is centered over your mobile phone's camera.
⑵Tighten the clip screws to stabilize the clip.
⑶Attach the lens onto your mobile phone with the lens over your phone's camera.
⑷Now you are ready to take pictures.
This is a telephoto lens and it can fixed magnification.It connot zoom in and out.
This lens can not change the pixel of phone camera,and the photo quality depends on the phone itself pixels.
Objective lens diameter: 30 mm
Eyepiece Caliber:15mm
Prism Material:BAK4
Metal+ Surrounded by Environmentally Friendly Rubber