EN50291 certified WiFi mobile app carbon monoxide detector temperature and humidity display voice alarm

Product Description
Other types of Carbon monoxide detectors
We have different types of carbon monoxide detector with different functions. for example:
carbon monoxide detector with lcd display or without LCD display
Carbon monoxide detector with Temperature and humidity functions
carbon monoxide detector with can customize the color
Carbon monoxide detector with zigbee module to work with the gateways
Contact us freely for you prefered models
Operation voltage
6V lithium iron battery (4pcs1.5V battery)
Battery life
 10 years battery
Standby working current
Low voltage threshold
Alarm indication
Voice Alarm & light indication & LED Screen
Wake up cycle
12 seconds
Sound intensity:
≥85dB / 3m
CO ALARM density
50ppm,alarms not activate within 120 minutes                                                50-100ppm,alarms within 80 minutes 
100-300ppm,alarm with 30 minutes 
300ppm,alarm within 50seconds
product size
Executive standard:
EN50291-1: 2018 pending
TUYA Smart
Special Features