Full HD 1080p digital camera wholesale dslr action camera 24x optical zoom 3.0" LTPS display

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1. can i take professional photo
this one is normal home use basic DSLR, so it is not professional , it is for normal home use

2. how good is the quality
that is difficult to say , different people have different standard, pls check the description, there are real photo taken by this camera

3. can it use it in night or dark area
it with light ,so can use in night or dark area, but the photo quality will not good, it is use for outside , the good light, the better photo

4.can i use it to take photo for product strict to say, this one can not , it is normal for home use, if you good at photo , you can try to use this one
Product Description
Product Name
Full HD 1080p Action Camera
Wide angle lens and telephoto lens
Color box
Details Images
Product Usage
It's the real photo we taken by the camera