GPS wireless signal detector anti-sneak shooting eavesdropping anti-monitoring intelligent signal detector

Product Description

   The new generation of detectors adopts military quality, more accurately indicates the strength of the signal source, and adopts an efficient and convenient method, so that all products that violate your personal privacy have nowhere to hide. The device uses US military technology, and exclusively develops various market-oriented bugs, car trackers, mobile phone undercover software, wireless pinhole cameras, surveillance cameras, casino fraud and cheating equipment and other products. This product fully meets the military and police reconnaissance functions in this field. At the same time, the amplitude detection of electrical radiation sources can protect you and your family from electromagnetic wave radiation. This product takes the lead in adopting the digital receiving method, which is different from the products on the market. It not only broadens the frequency of exploration, but also effectively avoids messy signals in life from interfering with products


Product Instructions


A: Detection of radio waves (wireless cameras/eavesdroppers, etc.)
(1) Press and hold the power switch for 3-5 seconds, after hearing the "beep" sound, release your finger and the blue indicator light will turn on, and the default detection wireless camera and wireless monitor mode will be turned on.
(2) If the blue light is flashing and there is a voice prompt, it means there is an emission source. The more blue light signal indicators, the stronger the signal.
(3) Click the button to adjust the sensitivity, the more blue lights, the higher the sensitivity, which can expand the search range
(4) Cyclic adjustment: Adjust the sensitivity button to reduce the number of blue lights, reduce the sensitivity, reduce the detection range, and finally find the emission source.
(5) You can also turn on the vibration mode, press the power button to switch, and vibrate once.


B: Detect hidden cameras (recommended to turn off the room lights)
(1) Short press the "mode button" , the 3 infrared lights at the back will light up, short press the sensitivity adjustment button to control the flashing speed of the red light. Each time you press the LED sensitivity button, the flashing frequency will be one step faster to control the flashing speed of the red light. The cycle adjustment can be adapted to the preferences of all kinds of people.
(2) Move the instrument up, down, left and right to scan the surrounding environment with a laser, and observe through the special filter of the accessories of the machine. If there is a camera lens in front of you, you will find a very strong bright spot flashing.


C: GPS magnetic field detection.

Press the mode to switch the green light, move the magnetic field induction probe close to the magnetic field source, the blue light of the main unit is on, and the buzzer alarm is about to work, indicating that there is a magnetic field or suspicious objects with strong magnetic near the magnetic probe, you can also turn on the vibration mode, press Press the power button to switch, and vibrate once.

TYPE-C charging, the red light is on when charging, and it goes out when fully charged.








Charging interface


Work hours

25 hours in a row

Antenna gain


Power plug



3.7V/400mA polymer lithium battery


5 levels adjustable

Receiving frequency range

1MHz - -6.5GHz

Signal detection range


optical lens  

Special special lens

Laser detection distance





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