K66 Signal Infrared Camera Detector Finder Hotel Anti-sneak Shot Detection Car Anti-positioning Tracking GPS Detector Scanning

Product Description
Scope of Application
1. Detect whether the car, office or business negotiation place is installed with wireless bugs or tracking devices 2. Detect the phone is bugged or abnormal (signals are sent out without reason when the phone is on standby) 3. Check working environment: whether there is base station radiation around the house 4. Check hotel bathrooms, hotels, shower rooms, changing rooms, entertainment venues, school invigilators, military facilities,etc 5. Radio waves on mahjong tables that coincide with movement 6. Mortgage cars, used cars, pawn shops, guarantee companies, small loan companies, information finance companies, etc
Frequency range
Detection dynamic range
Detection sensitivity
≤0.03mv (main frequency band)
Detection range
2.4G: 10 square meters (standard 10mw)
1.2G: 15m2 (standard 10mw)
Mobile frequency band 2G, 3G, 4G signal: 15 square meters
Level 10 digital tube, buzzer, vibrator indicator
Working current
Continuous working time
8-10 hours
ABS plastic
machine weight
Package size
Whole set weight
Detailed Images
Special Features