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The EclipseView™ 82mm allows you to set up and share the Sun gazing experience in seconds. Perfectly SAFE for solar viewing. Meets ISO 12312-2:2015 and CE certified to 12-16 of EN 169/1992. This EclipseView™ table-top telescope is the ideal “grab-and-go” telescope offering easy and portable observation for an excellent value. Even better, you can use this scope to view the wonders of the sky, BOTH day & night! View the Moon, Planets, the Sun, and more all with one telescope. Get your EclipseView™ Telescope today!


  • Perfect for SAFELY viewing the Sun!
  • Meets ISO 12312-2:2015
  • CE certified to 12-16 of EN 169/1992.
  • Removable white-light Solar Filter for use BOTH day & night!
  • Newtonian Reflector with a generous 82mm (3.2") aperture to give you a great view of the Moon, planets, and the Sun!
  • Lightweight (3.8 lbs) and a compact 300mm (f/3.7) focal length for ultimate portability
  • Comes with 26mm and 9mm eyepieces for low and high magnifications.
  • Includes a 2x Barlow lens to double the magnifying power of your eyepieces
  • 360° swivel mount and a simple point-and-look design for easy use



Optical design: Newtonian reflection
Caliber: 82 mm
Focal length: 300 mm
Focus ratio: f/3.7
Finder: Observing the Sun-Sunfinder
Other observations-red dot finder
Sun filter: white light filter (removable)
Eyepiece: 1.25 inch 9 mm (33 times)
1.25 inch 26 mm (12 times) standard 20MM erection eyepiece
Teleconverter: 2 times
Focusing seat: 1.25 inch focusing seat with teeth
Bracket: Dobson type bracket
Weight: 1.75 kg



EclipseView-01.jpg EclipseView-02.jpg EclipseView-03.jpg EclipseView-04.jpg EclipseView-05.jpg EclipseView-06.jpg EclipseView-07.jpg EclipseView-08.jpg EclipseView-09.jpg EclipseView-10.jpg
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