MIG-200AL 6 in 1 220V Inverter Arc Electric Welding Machine MIG/MMA/LIFT TIG/PULSE Al-Mg/PULSE Al-Si/DOUBLE PULSE Welder for Welding Electric Working LCD Display

  • MIG-200 series inverter pulse arc welding machine has MMA, LIFT TIG, MIG/MIX, PULSE Al-Mg, PULSE Al-Si,
  • DOUBLE PULSE and other welding methods. This series of welding machines are suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel, Al-Mg, aluminum-silicon, flux-cored welding wire, etc.
  • Commonly used materials welding materials. It has the characteristics of no splashing and uniform molten pool.
  • Note: this welding machine only have above 6 functions, you need to purchase a "passwords" to enable more "modes" from the supplier.
  • 1. Use full-digital control system to realize precise control and stable arc length during welding.
  • 2. Use full-digital wire feeding control system to realize precise and stable wire feeding.
  • 3. With built-in welding expert database, the system can be used to realize automatic intelligent parameter combination.
  • 4. Friendly operation interface, unified regulating mode, easy to master. 
  • 5. Perfect single pulse and double pulse functions, minimum welding spatter and good-looking appearance of weld.
  • 6. The special four-step function is suitable for welding metals with good thermal conductivity, and the welding quality is perfect during the arc initiating and extinguishing.
  • Rated input voltage: 220V±10%
  • Rated input current (A): 35A
  • Rated output capacity: 7.7KV.A
  • Output no-load voltage (V): 69V
  • Rated load duration: 40%
  • Power factor COSφ: 0.73
  • Efficiency η: 85%
  • Dimensions (mm): 570*430*320
Package included:
  • 1 x MiG Welder MIG200AL -1 x MiG torch
  • 1 x Electrode holder - 1 x Earth clamp
  • 1 x Pack of tips and nozzles