ZX7-250 220V 250A Mini Electric Welding Machine Portable Digital Display MMA ARC DC Inverter Weld Equipment

  • The Electric welder is Using advanced IGBT inverter technology, the inverter frequency is high, which significantly reduces the size and weight of the w elder.
  • In addition, the noise is reduced, the overall efficiency of the w elder is improved, and the energy saving effect is more remarkable.
  • The advanced intelligent digital display control improves the performance of the welding machine, and the product has the characteristics of small splash, stable current and good forming. 
  • 1. Digital display. The digital display adjusts the current more timely and understands the condition of the w elder. 
  • 2. Original imported IGBT, ensures a stable and large power welding work. 
  • 3. High frequency inverter, features quick arcing and less welding splash. 
  • 4. Inverter energy saving, first-class energy saving. 
  • Mode: ZX7-250 - Material: Metal ABS plastic 
  • Rated frequency: 50/60Hz  - Input voltage: 220V 
  • Amperage: 20A-250A - Protection grade: IP21 
  • Recommended stick thickness: ≤2.5 mm / 3.2mm(usual)
  • Suitable material: stainless steel / carbon steel / low alloy steel
  • Welding plate thickness: 2-8mm  - Size: 110 x 250 x 170mm
Package included:
  • 1 x ZX7-250 MINI Electric welder - 2 x Quick plug
  • 2 x Insulated electrode - 1 x T-wrench
  • 1 x Holder - 1 x Strap