Palm Rejection Aluminum Capacitive Tablet Touch Active Stylus Pen For Touch Screen Apple Ipad Pencil 2nd Generation With BT

Product Description

Product functions

writing, drawing, taking notes, electronic signatures, playing games, ordering food, etc.

Scope of application

dedicated for special funds, only suitable for Apple tablets after

The system needs to be updated to AOS

iOS12.2 or higher to use

Product features

1.Prevent false touch, keep touching prevent false touch, keep touching

2.Can write small characters 

3.Only Writing delay 3ms

4.tilt pressure sensitivity

5.Magnetic attraction

6.Palm Rejection



The nib is made of POM conductive material with good conductivity and good wear resistance.


The battery capacity is up to 130mah, and it can be used continuously for 13-15 hours in get out of class when it is fully charged.

Working time

>13 Hours 

Charging time

30 minutes

charging interface

Type C

Color options





universal stylus pen drawing ipen

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