Photography Camera Bag DSLR SLR Camera Bag,outdoor Suitable for DJI Avata,fpv,sony,canon,nikon,gopro Camera Backpack 32*17*22cm

Product Description
Product Name
Camera Backpack,Digital SLR Camera Backpack for 17 inch Laptops,Waterproof Camera Case, Suitable for Canon/Nikon/Sony/DJI Mavic Drones
Cationic waterproof fabric+densified flannel material
The new fashion is waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-theft, breathable, and compatible with most digital SLR cameras
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Product Usage
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1, waterproof wear-resistant fabric, encryption thickening high elastic pearl cotton, effective shock-proof and anti-fall                                  2, can put down the additional lens and 3-4 additional lenses and accessories and camera body, activity The separation layer can be changed at will, and the interval can be adjusted according to the product              3. The main bag is equipped with transparent baffle, double protection and fixed instrument 4, lining with flannelette material, prevent machine, instrument and computer friction scratch                                                           5, the main bag zipper open back, anti-theft effect is good, the zipper can be pulled down the bag for better tidiness Placement equipment 
Product usage introduction 2
6, take out the separation layer, can do leisure back, the best configuration of travel 7, side headset, mobile phone in the bag, you can freely listen to music                               8. Side bag can hold umbrella, water cup and so on                                                       9. You can tie a tripod on the left side          10, Fu has a tie rod belt can be placed on the top of the tie rod box                                    11, the back of the high elastic breathable mesh material, summer back is not stuffy      12. The camera case has a computer compartment in the back that can hold a 17-inch laptop