SALI 3255P 1800W Wood Cutting Compound Miter Saw



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 SALI 3255P 1800W Wood Cutting Compound Mitre Saw



Product Description



  • New 1800-Watt pure copper motor for powerful cutting in all materials
  • Precision cast aluminum base;
  • Provide users with unrivalled cutting accuracy, performance and durability;
  • Dust bag keep work area clean;
  • Miter cuts 0-45°left and right;
  • Extension wings with high horizontal accuracy;
  • Quick locking extension wings and quick angle adjustments;
  • Excellent quality and precise miter and bevel adjustment systems, enabling repeatable accuracy;
  • The base and fence have been machined to meet the accuracy requirements of the most demanding applications.


Multi-Purpose Sliding Compound Corded Mitre Saws

Model No.:  3255P
Rated Voltage:  220V
Rated Frequency:  50Hz
Rated power Input:  1800W
Rated Speed: 4700r/min

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