7.4V 400A Battery Spot Welder 18650 Battery Nickel Strip Diy Spot Welding Machine Adjustable Welding 0.25mm Nickel Plating


The 18650 battery pack assembly process, the spot welder is an indispensable important tool, but ordinary spot welder on the market is bulky and has a relatively high weight. 
The common spot welder generally adopts a transformer structure and generates a large amount of heat. 
The current controlled is not accurate, causing the solder joint to be black or weak.       
This product is a compact spot welding machine control board. It is powered by 3 series of iron-lithium batteries. 
It can be carried with you. It does not need to be connected to the socket. 
The battery capacity is 10000mah. At present, the product supports direct spot welding of nickel tape below 0.25mm, and the adhesion is strong, which is enough for non-industrial buyers. 
Used for battery assembly spot welding of 18650, 26650, 32650 battery assembly, etc. 
The spot welding machine supports 0.1-0.25mm nickel plating or 0.1-0.15mm thick pure nickel sheet, with strong adhesion.
This has just been put on the shelf, there is no shell, the next step we will increase the product with the shell, it will be more convenient to use. 

 Weight : 1086g 
Size : 80 x 54 x 141mm            
Voltage: 7.4V
Current: 400A

1. The product cannot change the power supply voltage and power privately. 
2. it is strictly forbidden to connect the wires privately. 
3. Do not use other chargers to charge the product. 

Method of use:
1. Because the battery is charged, we will put a heat shrink film on the battery to prevent short circuit conduction. 
2. Please remove the first layer of heat shrinkable film after receiving it, taking care not to short the electrode. 
3. Put the hole of the board into the battery screw and tighten the nut. 
4. Simultaneously contact the two electrodes with the nickel strip and the surface of the battery. 
5. Press the switch to directly discharge the welding. 

Matters needing attention:
1. Do not hold the switch for a long time. 
2. Please press down hard when spot welding to prevent poor contact. 
3. Please feel charged when the discharge is insufficient, please use our dedicated 10.8v charger Do not short-circuit the battery, you can use electric tape.

Package Included:

1 x 
7.4V Spot Welder
1 x Charger

NOTE: From May 7, 2020, the product is updated to 2020 new version of intelligent automatic spot welding machine.

Detail Pictures: