650A Mini Spot Welder DIY 18650 Battery Pack Adjustable Portable Spot welding Machine pen USB charger for 0.15mm Nickel Sheets


*Take note to fully charge the battery before use*
1. To turn on - Long press button for 3 seconds until a sound is heard.
2. To turn off - Long press button for 3 seconds until a sound is heard.
3. To change power setting - Short press button until a beep sound is heard and see the corresponding LED indicator for setting. (See diagram below)
4. Auto Power Off - After no activity for 15 minutes the unit will automatically shut down.
5. To output power using USB - Unit will automatically output power once USB plug is connected. Once power output current is less than 50mAh the unit will automatically cut power output. Short press button to resume power output.
6. Soldering operation - Start with level 1 setting to solder, unit will start soldering after 0.5 seconds once it detects item. Power setting can be adjusted to suit the soldering job. In the event of unit going into current protection mode and reboot to cool down, soldering can continue via Type-c output.
7. Unit health status warning - In the event of the unit malfunctioning, a constant beep will sound off.


Charging voltage: 5 V
Charging current: 2 A
USB output voltage: 5 V.
USB output current: MAX 2.4 A
Welding voltage: 4.2V
Welding current: MAX 650 A
Charging interface: Type-c
Host size: 103 x 83 x 29 mm
Weight: 302g (single host)
Packing size: 143 x 10748.3mm
Package weight: 407g

Package Included:

1 x 650A Mini Spot Welder
1 x 1 x Welding Pen
1 x Nickel Plated Steel Belt

Detail Pictures: