Standard IR Temperature Measurement and Face Recognition Camera Access Control for Attendance

Product Description

Standard IR Temperature Measurement and Face Recognition Camera Access Control for Attendance




















Wide dynamic low illumination CMOS                   Image resolution 1920 (H) * 1080 (V)
Professional security 6m lens                                   Recognition speed ≤250ms.
Recognition rate ≥97%.                                            Embedded processor
Images collection, face detection, face                          Offline portrait recognition.
Support for panoramas,                                             Partial close-up output.
20,000 portrait libraries, cards, or faces.                     
1 CVBS interface;                                                     1 RS485 output interface;
1 Wiegand protocol interface                                    1 Audio input interface
2 Switch signal output                                               1 external trigger input
Support USB port ID card reader.                             Insert TF card to store offline records.
Waterproof IP66 supports outdoor use.                  With a 7-inch industrial-grade display.
Waterproof and high-temperature resistant.
operating system Android 7.1 and above
processor CPU 4 core RK3299
display 8-inch, full-view IPS LCD screen
Display resolution 800*1280,lightness 400cd
Fill light Infrared, LED Fill light
Camera 200W
Working environment Indoor and semi-outdoor without sunlight
Operating temperature  -10℃~60℃
Power supply DC12V
Face recognition algorithm Despise
Face Detection Support simultaneous detection and tracking of 5 people
Recognition speed ≤200ms
Temperature measurement accuracy Fever alarm ±0.3℃ When the detected human body temperature exceeds 37.2 ℃ (adjustable), an alarm is issued
Face library 20,000 Local Face Library
Personnel management Add, delete, and modify personnel on local applications
Recognition mode Face recognition, temperature detection
Settings management Equipment management, rights management, personnel / photo management, record query, etc
Network module Support wired, 2.4Gwifi, 4G network card
card module (Optional) Support IC / ID card reader
Product Specification:
Camera: Resolution 200W/RGB+IR/ Aperture 4.0mm/Focus 0 to 2 meters/ Auto White balance
Screen: 8-inch, full-view IPS LCD screen/1280 * 800, brightness 400cd
Processor: 4 cores,

RK3288 CPU

RAM: 2GB DDR3 ISP: Built-in dual-channel ISP Image Processing Local storage: 8GB Tf card Accessories: Fill light Infrared, LED lights/IC / ID card reader, ID card reader and thermal imaging temperature detection module/Support wired, 2.4Gwifi, 4G network card Port: 1 Audio line out/USB2.0 and 2micros/2 RS232 ports, 1 WG input, and with WG output/2.5mmX2PIN/Lateral pore position, external buttons/OTG port In Channel 1 Functions: 20 thousand local face database/Support one in 10,000 error recognition with 99% pass rate                                                                                   Support optional card swiping module, ID card module which can realize 1: 1 face identification                                                                             Stranger detection/Distance recognition adjustment/Remote upgrade.                                                                                        Including equipment management, access control, personnel or photo management, record query, etc General parameters: For semi-outdoor or pure outdoor use Power DC12V Operating temperature -10℃-60℃ Working humidity 10%-90% Static electricity 4K/8K Battery radiation Not exceeded Power consumption Equipment weight 1.6KG Equipment size 374*135*85mm


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