[USA EU Stock]2022 New 60V/72V 50ah Dual Motor 8000W Adult Wide Wheel Fat Tire Powerful Electric Scooter From China

Product Description

[USA EU Stock]2022 New 60V/72V 50ah Dual Motor 8000W Adult Wide Wheel Fat Tire Powerful Electric Scooter From China

Hot Godzilla HB08,13 inch city road big tire, Great speed, 4 spot lights, strong front fork, upgraded version HB08 pro is with 14 inch off road tire and 72v 50ah bigger capacity battery
1. [8000w dual motor] Dual motor 4000W independent driven this wide wheel pro electric scooter, with a maximum speed of 100 km / h The larger 60V 50ah battery can provide a maximum travel range of up to 100-130 km and a charging time of 5 hours. 2. [ultra wide all terrain tire] 13 inch all terrain vacuum tire of this wide wheel pro electric scooter has high grip on dirt roads and is easy to adapt to various terrain. And it's easy to climb any gradient you may encounter. 3. [shock absorption] front and rear dual hydraulic shock absorbers, front long-distance hydraulic shock absorbers and rear high-grade hydraulic shock absorbers provide a comfortable driving experience and adapt to more complex road conditions. 4. [projector and HD dial display] The four LED headlights of this wide wheel pro electric scooter adopt a wide-angle lighting design, and the lighting range is wider and longer.The high-definition dial display can adjust the vehicle speed, check the remaining power, driving distance and other parameters. 5. [warranty] the engine and controller of this wide wheel pro electric scooter are guaranteed for 1 year, and the battery of this wide wheel pro electric scooter is guaranteed for 6 months. We have a strong customer service team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

Four LED headlights and side lights

Acrylic uses LED traffic light design and four corner adjustable LED headlights to provide you with a wider and longer lighting range, which is more conducive to driving at night, making driving at night more beautiful and safer.

Hydraulic Disc Brake + Electronic Brake

The design of front and rear double disc brakes is conducive to efficient braking and rapid response.The braking process can be completed with less force to provide faster and safer braking effect.

Powerful 8000 W Dual Motor

Two independent high-speed 4000W brushless motors, 60V 50AH lithium battery, strong power and easy to assemble, the cruising range is about 100-130 kilometers, and the speed can reach 100 kilometers per hour.

13 Inch All Terrain Vacuum Tire

13-inch road tires. This wide wheel pro electric scooter has good grip on flat roads, making turning and acceleration more convenient. No noise, comfortable driving.

Foldable and Portable

The super large folding switch can be opened and folded in 3 seconds. There is a handle on the rear wheel, which can lift the car out of the trunk faster and easier.

Shock Absorption System

Dual locomotives operate at a high level, with the functions of hydraulic front shock absorption, hydraulic upper shock absorption and rear shock absorption, which can conquer mountains.
Model Nunber
HB08/HB08 pro fast wide wheel pro electric scooter
60V/72V 50AH Panasonic battery
Top Speed
Max Load
Range Per Change
Tire Size 
13 inch/14 inch
Climbing  Ability
hydraulic pressure/oil brake
Suspension absorber
Front and rear suspension
Front Lights
Aluminium alloy /steel
Red, black and customize
Speed, battery status, speed level
Packing size
Net weight
Tire Size