USA Market Customized Amusement 10 Players Fish Table Game Machine Video Game Software Ocean King 3 Plus King 2

Products Description

O 110″ Wide 77″ Deep 30″ Tall
O 86 in 4k Display Screen O 10 Seat Multiplayer Setup O Validator & Ticket Printers O Proven Math Holds O Anti Cheating Program O Guaranteed Working Quality O Plug And Play For Easy Install O Anytime Support & Repair
O 2 Year Warranty / Lifetime Maintenance
Inspected and designed by our team at Crazy Software, our Fish Machines are top quality and made universal for your game of choice. Our cabinets include everything you need (except a game board) to get started. If you'd like a complete machine with a game board of your choosing, let us know or fill out our "Complete Custom Fish Machine" forms for a quote. Please call for pricing! Available for purchase online.
Our Advantages
Crazy Software offers game development services. Simply give us your ideas and we can accommodate your requirements. There are minimum order quantities associated with development options. Contact us for pricing and timeline associated with the development of any arcade game.
King 2