WUPRO Drones With 4k Camera And Gps Remote Control Camera Drone Smart Return Camera Drone

Product Parameter
Folding Size
Expand Size
Flight  performance
30 minutes long battery life
Brushless power/8 strongwindresistance
Lens parameters
4K ESC camera/dual camera switch
Use battery 
Body battery:74v2500mAh
Remote control battery:AAA battery*3
Product Features
The fuselage is foldedone key to take offone key to landfixed height hover,optical flow fixed heightwificonnectionAPPcontrogesture photogesture video,GPS retunGPSfollowingtrajectory flightfixed-point
surroundspeed adjustmentreal-timetransmissionMVpicture andvideo sharingremote control lens lens switchingstorage and packaging.
Product Description
Detail Images
Video Capture Resolution